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046: Proclamation of Persistence; The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success with Brian R. King

Brian R. King is a Resilience Coach who works with entrepreneurs who want to manage the anxiety and demands of their professional lives. As a keynote presenter, Brian has become increasingly known for his personal story of resilience.  
Brian reveals how he worked through learning and physical disabilities became a #1 Best-Selling Author.

Brian says he’s had more than his fair share of “stuff” thrown at him in his lifetime. He grew up with undiagnosed learning disabilities and was diagnosed with 3 testicular cancer right before he graduated high school. His three sons now all have ADHD and forms of autism. Brian also has a condition that leaves his joints very weak, and uses a wheelchair a lot of the time. 

Despite these obstacles, Brian decided he was going to be happy anyway.

“Life has given me far more than it has taken. The undercurrent of my entire life has been resilience.” 

He says a lot of people take a certain event in life and let it be their theme. Most people don’t have the skills to get through “moments they don’t care for” and are unable to turn into something useful. Brian now teaches others how to be resilient despite their challenges.

One of the biggest setbacks people face is listening to the wrong sources. 

“We end up living somebody else’s life or somebody else’s story for how our life is suppose to be” 

He believes that we need to tap more into our inner wisdom and determine what lights each of us up inside.

“The work that I do with people really helps them reconnect with that” 

The biggest challenge he overcame was learning to trust people again. He felt abandoned by friends and family when he was younger. He started trusting again due to the fact that he felt “painfully lonely.” 

“I gave people the opportunity to be trusted, today” 

Brian says that as humans, we all screw up and there are times that we fail to meet our own standards. He says people should not be condemned for the rest of their lives for being human and making mistakes. 

A lack of responsibility is a red flag and you have a better chance of trusting someone that owns up to his or her mistakes. 

On empowering his children, Brian has two rules in his family: we don’t rescue, and we don’t play helpless.  However, he encourages his kids to seek support and ask others for advice. 

In his business, Brian is moving towards working more with business people. With more leaders now being millenials, people seem to be more in touch with their “human side” as opposed to being “tough leaders.” 

“I’m looking forward to really helping the new round of business leaders who want to shift” 

Being able to break things down in to simple terms is what makes Brian unique from other coaches. 

“I help people put language to their challenges” 

He also has a social work background, and has a Masters degree in the field. Along with his life experiences, this allows him to dive deeper into the stuff that a lot of people have spent their lifetimes avoiding. 

“I’m not getting it from a book or documentary; I’ve done the work.” 

He now sees every challenge as an opportunity to be resourceful.

“I keep growing. My biggest success is that I keep moving forward.” 

His advice to other business owners is to question every decision made about how they’re business is suppose to be, and to do what is aligned with their own passions. 

“You need to go inward and do the work of finding out what lights your fire”


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