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045: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success with Debra Trappen

Debra Trappen lives to FIRE PEOPLE UP.  She is compelled to ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire progress!  Every day she focuses on finding someone to engage and spark with her sass and moxie. 

A sought-after speaker, trainer and author, Debra’s been spotlighted on Maverick CEO, Agent Caffeine, The Inspired Woman Project, The Money Hour, RETech Campus, and others. 

When she is not igniting an audience from the stage, idea-storming her next adventure or writing or recording in her studio, you will find her walking her pups, geeking out on new technology, or wine tasting across the globe with her husband and her WomenOnWine.TV business partner. 

Her first book, “Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11” is available on Amazon, as well as various bookstores across the country. 
Debra says she got to where she is because of who she is, and the journey she has been on. In the past, she’s owned an events planning company, sold cosmetics and was an executive recruiter. For the last 12 years, Debra has been focused on helping entrepreneurs, reshifting their focus and as she calls it “getting fired up.” 

She feels women should stop looking at how long they were at positions or in specific careers, and start looking at the skills they learned along the way. This will give them a different perspective. 

“There’s a power in knowing whey it’s time to go; it doesn’t matter how long it’s been (in a job).” 

Debra says that sometimes, women stay somewhere too long because they think they’re suppose to. This happened to her in her last corporate job, and she says that the day she decided to leave that company was one of the best mornings of her life.

“I lost the stress and all that anxiety that comes with walking into a building that sucks the life out of you” 

Entrepreneurs, particularly solopreneurs, have to watch themselves to make sure they aren’t working all of the time. Debra believes we all have a “soul tank” that we need to fill up with the things we are passionate about. She recommends writing down 11 things you can do in 20 minutes or less, and focus on getting them fit into your day (walking your dog, giving yourself a manicure, etc.). 

“ME time is so key”

Erica adds that if you’re producing content, such as filming a video, it is important that you have the right energy at that time. 

“Sometimes changing the energy, even behind the computer screen, can make all the difference in the world.” 

Debra’s biggest lesson was learning to find her own voice first, especially when transitioning from her corporate job to her own company. She believes that with social media, people can lose their voice, confidence and way. 

“It took me awhile to really reconnect with my true north” 

She feels people need to find out what conversations will “fire up” their soul, and what problems they can solve for others. 

“We usually tend to let fear of scarcity override that potential abundance” 

Others were telling Debra that she was good at social media, and she should teach others. However, this isn’t her passion.

“People will sniff out at the end of the day that it’s not really your passion” 

Her advice is to define your voice and what success means to you. If you don’t do this, the world will define it and you will be seeking something else to fill you. 

Debra believes that there is always someone out there that can help get you to the next level (in your health, relationships, finances, etc.).  She says that women don’t ask for help because of the desire to “control it all.” 

If you can’t afford an actual coach, there are lots of people who love to mentor others. 

When Debra wrote her first book, her editor became her unofficial accountability coach. 

“Nobody wants to be held accountable, but we all love the results” 

At the core of her book is the idea that you must define who you are, and understand your purpose or talent is. This process will help you define your niche, and attract your idea client because you will be defining them and what their biggest problems are.

“Create a memorable personal brand that others want to do business with, or refer business to you.”

She says that we aren’t defined by social media likes, and it’s better to have a small group of people on your list who are passionate about your mission and want to be part of your community. 

“Don’t write for the masses and try to attract everyone you possibly can” 

Debra has a free guide available for download on her website (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). This resource will give you the confidence to say “Yes” to opportunities, and “No” when you need to. 


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