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044: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success

Nancy's Bio:

Nancy Mueller is all about empowering women leaders to work through their challenges so they don’t constantly pull themselves into victim mode, but they can actually come through feeling powerful and victorious.

As a life sensei, Nancy teaches women how to change their financial status, health status and boost their self-esteem as they explore every choice made based on their belief system. Nancy’s mission is to motivate, inspire and empower women globally.

She accomplishes this through her speaking, being a life sensei, teaching, mentoring, her books, online courses and her free podcast. Nancy is living proof that her tools and techniques work, and she even wrote about it in her best-selling book “The Child Within: Life Is All About Choices.” 

Show highlights:

Nancy’s biggest lesson that she has learned from being a coach is to finally give herself permission to understand that she doesn’t need to know everything. 

“As I teach, I learn” 

By teaching her clients, they’ll go on to teach others, which Nancy says is a beautiful space to be in. 

Nancy grew up in a household where there was a lot of verbal abuse that escalated to sexual abuse by the time she was 12 years old. It took her along time to realize her own value. It wasn’t until she had children of her own that she realized she needed to understand how to nurture and care for them, as well as teacher her daughters to value themselves. 

Nancy always wanted to learn karate, and in her 30’s she started training in the martial arts. She felt this was her calling, and soon after starting, was in the studio 6 days a week (training, teaching and competing). 

“(Karate) is about empowering ourselves from within; our strongest weapon is our mind.” 

Right around the time she started karate, Nancy discovered a cassette that Jack Canfield produced on self-esteem. She would listen to it often, when doubting her own self-esteem. Along with the martial arts, Nancy credits this cassette for turning her life around. 

Nancy started a business teaching women self-defense. She realized her clients were more interested in the philosophies around empowerment, rather than the techniques. She began coaching part-time, while staying in her corporate job. 

When her husband of 32 years told her he wanted a divorce, she initially blamed him but then realized: 

“It’s not about blame, it’s about what this is teaching me.” 

Nancy decided to spread her wings and leave her corporate job to do coaching full-time. She says she didn’t have a backup plan at the time. 

“To have a Plan B meant that I might fail, and I don’t believe I am going to fail. I believe this is my calling.” 

She has been a coach for 6 years now. 

“I absolutely know that I am living my purpose; I love my life.” 

Nancy’s services range from free to audio recordings she charges for, to one-on-one coaching, to group coaching. 

She believes that being in “victim mode” keeps people from taking the next step to accomplish their goals.  To get out of this mode, you need to ask the right questions. She advises clients to stop asking “how” and starting asking “who”? She believes that there is always someone out there that can shed light on what you’re looking for. 

Nancy is producing an audio series, based on her past webinars, which will be available for download on her website (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). The series will focus on health, wealth, relationships, fear and empowering your children. 

“Not everyone is ready to work with a life coach. It’s about planting seeds.” 

She is most excited for people to start understanding the gift that they are.

“When you really understand that you are a gift, the gifts that you finally accept help you to live your purpose”

She believes that so many people are timid to accept the gifts that they are due to their own ego. She shares the acronym for ego, “Edges Gifts Out.” 

You have to be “loud and proud” about what you do. 

“If you don’t share with people your awesome gift, how are they supposed to know?”

Nancy cites her first karate tournament as her biggest achievement. She thought about not going, but ended up competing as the only person in her division. She automatically took first place in her division.

“What the trophy meant to me was that I didn’t give up”


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