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041: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success

Gretchen Strait is a multifaceted professional of many talents who currently resides in sunny Florida. She is the Author of “Joy Manifesto,” a Certified Life Coach, a Health & Wellness Coach, a Registered Nurse, and an Entrepreneur with a knack for inspiring others to live their dream lives. 

After years of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out, Gretchen decided it was about time for a drastic change. She took her innate talents, passion to empower, and wisdom from her personal experiences and turned them into a rewarding career. Gretchen is now the Creator of the Joie De Vivre Course and the proud Founder of Team Joie De Vivre, an expanding team of dedicated Health Entrepreneurs. In addition, she has spent nearly two decades in the fields of Intensive Care Nursing & Management.  

When she isn’t immersed in her career, Gretchen is an avid reader who reads about three to five books per week, foodie, traveler, and adventurer. Volunteering is also a passion that is close to her heart. She has volunteered all across the globe (including in Haiti after the earthquake). Most importantly, Gretchen loves spending quality time with her wonderful family (the love of her life, Ken and their beautiful daughter, Sophia and loving son, Cash)

Gretchen believes that a lot of moms feel a guilt when they want to live out their own dreams. 

“I ask people how they can be the best you, the best mom, the best wife, if you’re not following what you were meant to do” 

She believes mothers that follow their passions, set an example for their children.

“Keep in mind we’re just humans, not robots. It makes it a lot better experience for ourselves and the kids looking up to us.”

A couple of years ago, Gretchen hit “a wall” and also had health issues. She was trying to do too much with her family responsibilities as well as her business, by not outsourcing. 

“I was pulled in so many different directions that my body literally shut down” 

This forced her to take a couple of years off to rest. She says she stopped competing with others, which previously was a huge problem for her. She researched, studied and implemented various health and mind practices to help her situation. 

She now feels that she was meant to be sick, to help other people, and she created “The Joy Manifesto” (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”) to do so. This planner has a goal-setting component. Gretchen strives for 10 big things, as well as each day having three “mini-goals” that are attainable and achievable.

Gretchen’s business is gaining incredible momentum, and she now offers a free five-day course that helps people find that “why” of living again. She also has a 30-day health and fitness challenge available, as well as having an entire team of coaches that work with her to empower other people change their mindsets. 

Her biggest achievement happened this Fall, when she 100% decided to follow her purpose. She was enrolled in a masters program (to be a nurse practitioner).

“I was proud of myself, but not excited. It just felt like the next steps”

Gretchen sat down, reviewed her goals and realized she had to follow her passion, which is coaching.

“I wanted freedom. I want to empower and inspire people rather than prescribe medicine.” 

She recommends others keep going until they find a passion that literally makes them cry. To do so, write down priorities (for Gretchen it’s her health and family).

She shares that she wakes up every day and visualizes.

“You can train your brain to believe in something. What your brain thinks, your body will follow.” 

Also, she has gratitude, as if her goals have already happened.  When she’s thinking too much, she’ll quiet her mind to practice gratitude or meditate.

“I feel an instant peace”