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040: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success

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Marina Darlow is all about creating a system that is not only going to make you more productive, but absolutely more visible in your business. She’s the founder of Vision Framework, a company that builds small purpose-driven businesses from the inside. She is helping entrepreneurs run their companies with ease by putting effective, easy to use and fun systems in place. Marina is also dedicated to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs get 10 to 12 more productive hours back into their week, stop leaking money and prevent breakdowns caused by stress. 

To Marina, systems are more than just about saving time, they’ll reduce levels of anxiety. 

“As entrepreneurs, we ride a rollercoaster; it’s this huge, emotional up and down, all the time.” 

She says that systems allow you to focus on what you do, and to live the life you really want.

Marina believes that two things keep people from creating systems.  The first is what she calls “the mess on the inside”, or internal beliefs the person has about systems (for example, they tried using one once and it didn’t work, so none of them do).  The second is external and involves visibility. In order to be seen and control your own message to the world, you need a system. 

In her own entrepreneurial journey, Marina says she didn’t necessarily have the best system going in to it. She came to her own realization that she needed to create systems to overcome obstacles along the way. 

Marina says that her biggest challenge was promoting herself. 

“I was literally paralyzed with fear of being visible; of telling the world what I do”

Two things helped her overcome this fear. First, she just acted and did a step at a time, as she believes that inaction breeds more inaction. She also used what didn’t work in her business to determine what systems she didn’t need to implement. 

Marina didn’t enjoy writing, but took and online course and just started. She was given a system by her coach that helped her generate content, and in under 40 minutes she had 30 new ideas for blog posts, resulting in her anxiety over writing being removed. 

She shares that people have the misconception that all systems are rigid and complicated, which isn’t the case. 

The biggest lesson she has learned is the more she does something, the better she is at it. Getting past the mental blocks to try the more difficult things in life is her advice for others. 

“I will succeed if I do it enough times” 

Working with incredibly inspiring clients is what inspires Marina. She started her business to work with people who make a great impact on the world, including non-profit organizations. 

“I’m very fortunate to work with people who care” 

Marina is most proud of overcoming writers’ block to become a blogger, as well as moving to a big city and transitioning her business from local, to online. 

“That required a lot of courage and fact-finding on my end” 

She shares that systems people tend to be organized; linear thinkers who are engineer-minded. She considers herself balanced, and speaks the compassionate language as well. 

“This way I connect with the creative souls I want to support” 

To empower others, she encourages listeners to take one step in the area that they know they need to fix (website, networking, etc.). 

For a free guide to the apps that Marina uses herself to gain 10 to 12 more hours every week, visit her website (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).


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* Marina is also on LinkedIn and loves to connect with others!