The Power Moms in Business community was created to uplift, inspire, and connect working moms with resources to help them grow their business and professional network!

  • In an effort to keep the energy up in the group, please make note of these "Power Moms in Business" Posting Guidelines: 
  • Strive for engagement and relationship building...FIRST!
  • We share a ton of tips on growing your business and building relationships in your business. This is the place to be if you want to effectively growth your network
  • Comments, posts, shares should be engaging, beneficial to our group of moms, and promotion free (we have days reserved for you to promote your heart out!)

Are you new here?

Great, Welcome! I am your "tour guide", Erica Castner. I started the Facebook group "Power Moms in Business: as a "science" experiment in July 2015. I thought if I got 250 moms to join my group by the end of the year, that would be a pretty powerful thing...

Well...I got 248 moms in 48 hours. Yep, I was onto something. A year later, we have over 1,700 "moms in business". I think we are up to 16 countries represented :)

While all of this sounds wonderful, it also has some of it's challenges...more on that in a moment.


So again, if you are new: Please make it a point to introduce yourself. Here's an example of what you could say:

"Hi, I'm Sally Sue with ABC company. I have 2.5 kids, a great husband, a dog and a hedgehog. I have been with my company for 4 years and I love what I do because I get to help "XYZ" achieve "123". My biggest area of focus is getting some help with (fill in the blank). I would love to connect with an accountability partner, as well. I am looking forward to getting to know you and how I can help you."

Now, here's an example of what you may want to stay away from post as your introduction:

  • "I sell ABC and go check out my website"
  • "Hi Moms. Happy to be a part of this are my specials."
  • Just your link to your website or social media page, without any other words
  • Bashing anyone or anything
  • "For all your ABC needs...I'm your girl"

 You get the point...and, these type of post will get deleted. 

Pushing products/services/upcoming events is NOT allowed (except on designated days):

  • #ShareandtellSunday - In an effort to keep the group neat, please post these promotional posts inside the thread of those "days". 
  • #TalktomeTuesday is a day for promotion of your business, non-profits, and events. 
  • Various theme days...only if it's relevant to the theme :)

Because of the size of the group: All other "promotional post" will be deleted, without notification from the group admins.

What's considered promotional, you ask?

  • Links to your blog/events/books/ freebie/sales
  • Inspirational Images with your website address, email, hashtag
  • Links to your Facebook pages/groups
  • Your videos or Live Streams

Again, we have days that you can post that kind of stuff but only in the designated thread.

We highly encourage you inviting other "moms in business" to the group. BUT, please, and I mean PLEASE get their permission first.

Your questions are always welcome any day of the week. Please be respectful of everyone’s opinions.

You are all encouraged to share your ideas, tips, techniques, favorite motivational quotes, books, recipes or articles/blogs that are relevant to working moms.

Again, you are highly encouraged to invite fellow moms who are CEO’s, aspiring leaders, teachers, philanthropists, C-Level managers and anyone other Mom who want to build strategic partnerships and leave a legacy.

Erica Castner is the founder of Queen of Results Business Coaching & Consulting a company that's dedicated to helping you build better business relationships for better business results. Contact Erica here